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Three years later when Bryant can still God

Lakers at home to 119-115 win over the Timberwolves, ending 10-game losing streak. To go to Staples fans watch the battle scene, this is definitely a value for money game(more nba 2k16 mt coins).

Before the game started, the Lakers have suffered a 10-game losing streak. If you lose one game, they will create the longest losing streak in team history. For already at the bottom of the Lakers, which undoubtedly will be a heavier blow.

Perhaps because you do not want to make this humiliating record was born in their own hands, especially in his final season, Bryant insisted the injury did not play in the case of recovery.

It is worth mentioning that the Ao Kasi veteran actor, hardcore Honey Lake – – Jack Nicholson, Staples today also came, and sitting on the sidelines that are most familiar position. In fact, Father did not have long to live watched the Lakers.

In the end, Kobe Bryant and the Lakers did not let their fans down. The whole game, he scored 38 points, setting a new personal high this season. Bryant on a single field to get 38 points, five rebounds, five assists and two steals, or in the April 10, 2013. As for Bryant hit a single field at least seven three-pointers, then have to go back in 2008.

The fourth field, Bryant took over the game really, his jump shot is still so deadly, so the Timberwolves draft pick Wiggins unable to defend. Final moments, whenever Bryant free throw line, the scene will burst neat “MVP” cry.

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Although this season, Bryant’s status and performance suffered doubts, but at the moment the team most in need of 37-year-old Kobe Bryant once again saved the Lakers, as he had done countless times, and create a stigma against the Lakers the record in team history (11 straight).click to buy mt

Afobe: I have nothing to prove against Arsenal

Soon after failing to break in to the 1st team at Arsenal, Benik Afobe says he has moved on from his time at the Emirates.

AFC Bournemouth striker Benik Afobe has “nothing to prove” when he comes up against his former club Arsenal on Sunday.
Afobe has scored 3 goals in his last three games for Bournemouth soon after signing from Wolves inside a reported £10million transfer in January.
The 22-year-old joined Wolves just over a year ago inside a reported £2m move from Arsenal, where he had spent his entire youth profession.
On the other hand, because the in-form striker prepares to face his boyhood club, Afobe says he holds no grudges.
“They’ve played a big element within the way I play football and helped me progress as a player, so I’ve got quite a bit to thank them for and I respect them a lot,” Afobe said.
“Arsenal often bang on about how, technically, as a centre-forward you have to hold the ball up, possess a superior initially touch, all that stuff.
“Of all of the clubs I’ve been at Arsenal have banged on a lot more than any on the other individuals about obtaining excellent technique, so that’s what I’ve taken from them. But on Sunday I’ve got a job to accomplish for my club right here and there are going to be no good friends.
“I don’t hold any grudges. I’ve currently scored three goals in my last 3 games so I’ve got absolutely nothing to prove to Arsenal. It was their decision to sell me and I’ve moved on. It’s been years now. I’ve got fantastic pals there, I’ve got absolutely nothing terrible to say about them as a club. I would’ve liked to possess got my possibility nevertheless it did not take place.
He added: “That’s not how life works. Not everything can go your way. I believe I would’ve scored targets for them, but I am not there anymore and I never hold any grudges.
“I’m here within the Premier League scoring winners at Selhurst Park [against Crystal Palace], so I am enjoying it and I want to keep improving.”

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Odom was dying due to heart failure caused by clothes herbs

Since Odom height is too high, Desert View Hospital by ambulance will only be sent to him at a hospital. Post reporter Pu Yao Lei when Lamar Odom mention the name, most of the fans in the brain that appears, or perhaps he was wearing a Lakers jersey, anything they want on the field screen, but now he was already at the edge of life and death . According to the US ‘CNN’, ‘ESPN’ and other media reports, local time on October 13, NBA player Lamar Odom in a legal brothel in Nevada was found unconscious, was rushed to hospital for treatment. Doctors said his condition is very dangerous, there may even be not quite get through.

Using a variety of drug-induced coma, according to US media ‘TMZ’ reported that, as early as October 10, US time, Odom came alone to the Crystal City this called ‘Love the farm,’ the brothel, but in the local time 13 pm, when the brothel staff Odom entered the room and found him unconscious, and the liquid flowing from his nose and mouth, brothels and immediately called 911 for help. Initially, Odom was sent to a nearby hospital for treatment of Desert View, and then the hospital intended to transport him to Las Vegas, but because of Odom’s height is too high, can not enter the helicopter, the hospital had to use the rescue He drove nearly 100 kilometers before he sent the next hospital. After a medical diagnosis, Odom admission already in a critical condition state, various organs including the heart failure appear to rely on life-support systems to sustain life. And ‘ESPN’ is also on the 13th day, ‘he said the next 48 hours are critical.’ Yesterday, the Nevada State Trooper Willie media news release, it was reported on Saturday Odom had entered the brothel used cocaine the day, and the next three days, using a large number of ‘help’ of herbs. US media ‘E!’

The report said, the medical staff at Odom’s body detected traces of the use of multiple medications. But the brothel owner told the media that he only knew of Odom had ingested drugs and alcohol, did not know he had used other drugs, ‘we did not see a (drug), my staff told him to prohibit the use of drugs . ‘many players for his blessing Odom dying message touched the hearts of many people’s hearts, and those who fought with him over the NBA players have also sent blessing for him. The most anxious than the former Lakers teammate Kobe Bryant Odom. When I learned the news of dying Odom, Kobe Bryant and the king is participating in the preseason, but according to ‘ESPN’ confirmed that, after he heard the news, immediately leave the stadium, a taxi to the hospital to visit his former teammates. According to the ‘Los Angeles Daily Times’ reported that the other players and the Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak also then went to the hospital to visit Odom, therefore, will return to the Los Angeles Lakers team flight was delayed two
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James is also on the social networking site to Odom prayer, ‘for you to send prayers Odom. Stand
2k 16 mt coins up brothers.’ Wade issued a document said, ‘for my brothers Odom pray that he can get better as soon as possible . ‘A few days ago in Shanghai to attend the NBA China Games for Paul Odom blessing,’ we will always be brothers, we love you, we are with you. ” fit ‘Kardashian destroy him? People to the hospital to visit, there is a ‘special’ character, that is, Odom’s wife, Kohler Kardashian, Odom learned that after dying, she immediately rushed Odom left side, and has been accompanied by about. Although not husband and wife, but Kohler Kardashian Odom still considerable concern, however, and that part of Kohler Kardashian Odom failed marriage is perhaps one of the reasons to degenerate.

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