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United exposure buy 10 million ultra-cheap copy Persie Bayern general trade

According to British media, “Daily Mail” reported that Manchester United this summer, intends to buy Bayern general Schweinsteiger, if the transaction occurs, the price even lower than the 10 million pounds, taking into account the experience and ability Schweinsteiger The deal will undoubtedly be quite a bargain.

Manchester United this season in the midfield position very scarce manpower, especially injuries to Van Gaal Carrick formations more stretched, and even Manchester United Carrick could not find a qualified replacement, considering he has been 34 years of age, this is the Manchester United line-up a serious hazard, and therefore push Manchester United midfield signings are very urgent matter in the summer. Manchester United had also been concerned about Stroman and Gundogan, but two injury risks to Manchester United they could not make a decision.

From this perspective, the top midfielders in the transfer market scarce, if Schweinsteiger market, reinforcing the urgent need of Manchester United is undoubtedly a good choice. Manchester United over the past few years the introduction of 27 or more players, but Schweinsteiger been 30 years old. However, United now in urgent need of experienced candidates can play in midfield, so the Red Devils is very likely to break the unspoken rules to try to sign Schweinsteiger.

Schweinsteiger’s contract with Bayern currently only last year, the two sides still no contract, which also provided an opportunity to lure them away Manchester United. Integrated Age and the factors contracts, “Daily Mail” said the Manchester United analyze price may be lower than 10 million pounds to sign Bastian Schweinsteiger, which undoubtedly quite affordable.

“Daily Mail” chief correspondent Ian – Lederman said the Manchester United refused to comment on transfer rumors Bastian Schweinsteiger, but Manchester United are interested in him hundred percent true. It is worth mentioning that during the Bayern coach Louis van Gaal and Bastian Schweinsteiger have very good cooperation, “Daily Mail” that the Dutch coach also can play the role of lobbyists. Manchester United first introduced “old age” players Ferguson is bought Van Persie, Van Persie was 29 years old. Now Schweinsteiger may have the opportunity to copy such a scene.

Manchester United bought another devil Kinnikuman! Horror Tattoo Cover C Ronaldo

Manchester United this summer, the first sign Pres British media has now become the focus of an object, this week he has been officially completed United’s physical examination, pending the transfer window opens, he will be able to formally complete the transfer. Pres good mood still on the social networks own a painting show, powerful muscles and tattoos very strong personality.

Pres drying out in this photo, he stood before a pair of painted his paintings, there are scratches but also eye-catching slogan says: “I’d rather do it myself and was hatred, not willing to cater to others and to disguise themselves, “Pres look grim picture, look handsome full strength.

The most eye-catching was his powerful muscles and tattoos. Pres C Lo said he wanted to be that kind of player, but he was this one tattoo, the “abstinence” of C Luo completely to cover longer. While compared to the two muscles, the young Pres also did not strive, powerful body will also be the key to his mettle in the Premiership. Manchester United fans might be feeling, the Red Devils have ushered in a devil muscles people.

The second sign Manchester United this summer! Purchased 35.9 million of Argentine international agreement

Thursday evening, the news from the mainstream media in Argentina “Ole” revealed that Manchester United have and Otamendi reached on the transfer of personal terms of the agreement, the Argentina defender for Manchester United agreed to the proposed contract .

Subsequently, the Spanish “Marca” has to be a follow-up reports on the matter, Otamendi and the club signed a preliminary contract, that is, as long as the club with the next aspect of Valencia to Horta door Di reach an agreement on the transfer fee, then the Argentine defender can be a smooth landing at Old Trafford.

“Ole,” said the Manchester United club to get Otamendi paid a heavy price in money, Valencia aspect Otamendi authorized to discuss the terms of individual agreements with Manchester United, but the two clubs still need to be on the transfer fee issue consultations. The newspaper said the contract Otamendi between Valencia have up to 50 million euros a breach of contract damages clause (35.9 million pounds), but the Red Devils hopes and able to win him a more affordable price.

The 27 year old Otamendi height of 1 meter 83, capable defender and right back position, on behalf of the Argentine national team has so far played 18 games and scored 1 goal. This season he played 34 games on behalf of Valencia in the Primera Liga and have accounted for five goals.

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