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Suarez: Gerald told me not to go to Arsenal they good enough for me

Beijing tomorrow morning, another Champions League semi-final against Barcelona, Bayern broke out, before the game, recent state hot Suarez once again mentioned when he talked about the move to Arsenal rumors, and was captain of Liverpool Gerald advice to him.

“It was the summer of 2013, Arsenal wanted to sign me, but I was very grateful to Steven Gerrard gave me a lot of advice.” Suarez said: “We have had an in-depth conversation, he said to me: give us a season of time, and then wait for Barcelona to your call, you are too good, and Arsenal do not deserve you.‘ “

I think this is Steven Gerrard gave me the most sincere advice, I am very grateful to him, if not for him, I probably would not effect at Barcelona.” Suarez said finally. Sure enough, the summer of the following year, Suarez to 81 million euros in price, from Liverpool moved to Barcelona.

Chan Chun Zhang Lu: Real Madrid lose to complain too much eating Ramos

Champions League semi-final first leg kicks off, Real Madrid away 1 to 2 loss to Juventus. Morata break the old club goal, C Luo tie the game, the second half Carlos Tevez won the penalty and takes the hit. The second leg will be in next week. Chan Chun-known commentator and veteran football man Zhang Lu on the game were reviewed, the following excerpt wonderful.

Opening less than 10 minutes, Morata to break the old club door for Juventus the lead. For the ball, Zhang Lu Comments: “The empty space between Marcelo and Wallachia within a very large, let Tevez so easy kicker Casey have tried, but why is there so much empty when.?” Chan Chun He said the Real Madrid defense before and after the existence of loopholes. C Lo is the first single-pole, missed a good opportunity to Real Madrid this game, Zhang guide praised Real Madrid played with:. “This is the time to run pass the ball very good, it can be incorporated into the textbook”

Shortly thereafter, C Luo close range header to tie the score. Zhan Jun commented:. “? Real backwards backwards on when free, which is very valuable away goal but the Juve defense is to relax, to Real Madrid in their half easily pass it,” Zhang Lu responded: “I did not approach, which really grab the ball, however. If the direct transmission to the last point, it is still a good defense, but for there to J Lo, the former guard’s attention on all points. “Throughout the first half, Zhang Lu think Juventus played the typical Italian style of play: “Juve’s offensive is not launched already, once launched, a couple of feet on to the front many mistakes does not matter, taking it every once fatal, which is anti-anti-philosophy..”

After the second half began, Chan Chun noted that Juve’s defensive intensity increased significantly, scraping and more vicious. Zhang Lu said: “Juventus midfielder should have arranged rest, do not let other people so easily get the ball, you want to commit a foul on the other half.” Real Madrid scraping is not ambiguous, Chan Chun said, “You and I fierce fierce” Zhang Lu then quipped: “Carvajal others do not dare to play, but the qualifications, the kick VfB La can.” relatively slow pace of the game, Zhang Lu think this is Juve like rhythm.

Tevez brought down inside the penalty area with, the referee whistled for a penalty. Chan Chun represents Carbajal did not hit the ball, Zhang guide the movement thought it was a yellow card. Carlos Tevez penalty into the road, Zhang Lu praised:. “Tevez skilled are bold, kick Road, Casey looked out flying,” Zhan Jun claimed: “Real Madrid is again the situation forward from behind to catch up the “For the goal of the whole process, Zhang Lu Comments and said:.” This ball is very slow and very slow very slow, is suddenly back, the two go forward, we can say Italian anti-anti-play has been inherited. ”

Chan Chun mentioned parties Possession 50% each, Zhang Lu said the two sides are evenly matched indeed. Zhang guide evolutions 3 Juventus defender believes played a role: “At this time seen three Juve defender useful, to the middle of the three big stop, pass the obvious effect of Real Madrid.” After Chiellini field want C Lo had lost but almost was broken, Zhang Lu said:. “Chiellini some playing with fire, you thought about him in the back, they have to see who is” in his view, was replaced after Isco, in front of Real Madrid before a connection is better.

Ramos in midfield conduction is not doing well, three horizontal transfer forces are too large. Zhang Lu joked: “It is estimated today to eat very good.” In an attack which, Zhang Lu points out the problems of Real Madrid: “Real Madrid is not too offensive ideas unity, three points and they go on pass Do not Daojiao the outside. “Jesse Bell was replaced, Zhang Lu believes his spiritual head in the second half after the start was not very full. Juve still threatening counterattack, Zhang Lu said: “Juve only Pirlo, others also pass forward pass was accurate.” Tevez former scene of the three defensive players the ball under control, Zhan Jun praised: “Tevez really works.”

The whole game eventually ended in a 2-1 win Juventus, Zhan Jun said:. “Bell relatively dull second half, leading to a waste of Real Madrid on the right,” Zhang Lu also agreed that the Real Madrid on the right would have been a lot of offensive space. Juve for performance in this field, Zhang Lu Comments and said:. “Back pass was accurate, front access is maintained, kicked out of the typical Italian anti-anti-military forces Allegri very sophisticated,” Zhan Jun said: “Real Madrid admit defeat. “Zhang Lu said that if the first half, Real Madrid can seize the opportunity to get a 2-1 lead, results may vary.

Ancelotti: Real Madrid lose sleep not blame Ramos disarm because there is an underlying skin

Real Madrid away 1 to 2 loss to Juventus, the Turin valleys howling wind blowing Ancelotti even shuddered, his mind seemed to come out from the recall has not lost in the details, it was on the sidelines SKY TV The reporter stopped. “Where is the problem Ramos in midfield play is not good enough??” Ancelotti thinking a little rest, he replied: “The problem is not just Ramos, the whole team we are in trouble struggling, passing success rate a little worse. ”

“On the results, I am not quite happy, because I think the score could also be better. Our luck may not be particularly good, had a chance to lead, but the score of 1 to 2 can be, so I hope that the next round of games we can reverse the score. “Ancelotti continued analysis said,” to say the problem out in the beginning, we played very bad. Fifteen minutes later, the team offense and defense have a gradual improvement in control of the game, just before the lack of order after three lines, the lack of patience. As for the 4-4-2 problem, obviously it would be if we played well scoring opportunities, if not, then the opposite is quite dangerous. Juventus stick behind, waiting for an opportunity to fight back, I would like to the second leg, we must be patient today than it can. ”

“Why let Pirlo easy ball but did not take a more tight defense measures?” Ancelotti tactical aspects of the interpretation, he explained that Real Madrid from “Sleeping skin” is forced to disarm him, “This is a reason a. the opening stages, we Pirlo underwent arm, but four players and defensive midfield position between there is a problem, to allow the ball to Tevez can always be easily formed us trouble. So, then we After making the decision to adjust Pirlo free play. Of course, the second half Juventus oppression to a more powerful, Allegri tune into the formation of five guards, the game harder to kick. “

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