Chinese school football football reform program introduced in warmer

By 2025, China will build 50,000 football school characteristics, students in as many as 50 million people. Soccer powerhouse Germany, for example, it currently has 6 million football population, 10 years later, China will become the world’s most populous country of football.

With the introduction of “Chinese football reform plan”, in addition to host the World Cup, the Chinese soccer teams in the world, more people are eyeing the cornerstone of football — adolescents. So, let more students love to play football, to make more parents, teachers support children play football into the campus of the “last mile” What needs to get through the bottleneck? What needs to clarify the dilemma?

“50000 characteristic school football, soccer population of 50 million, really drunk.” For the Chinese football vision, many people instantly warm heart. But calm down, all kinds of doubts also began to rise, mainly in the lack of our campus football field, criticized the lack of teachers, lack of time and other issues. So, the situation is really so? According to reporters, at least in the case of Shanghai is not so “pessimistic.”

Solutions than problems

Minhang District Education Bureau deputy director of Ho Mei Long said difficulties can not completely blame the football into the campus grounds and the objective conditions of teachers, as long as the youth football really want to engage them, way far more difficult than ever. “The elderly remember their child’s school playground far from now so big, so formal, often in concrete, the alley to play. And now the Minhang District, almost all schools have outdoor sports venues, a soccer field The school is also a lot and get a teacher who, for the vast majority of grassroots primary and secondary schools, the organization is not to train the children to play professional athletes, the purpose is to let the kids play together, move up, fall in love with football, the existing PE teacher fully capable, teachers and parents in other disciplines of football fans since the organization can play kids. ”

It is understood that, like suburban Minhang district schools, construction of sports venues are now standard, is perfectly placed to carry football, while in the central city, at least a third of the school has a large and small soccer field . Southeast High School football team head coach Wang said that the venue should not be a reason to refuse school football in the past year, the Southeast High School faced with school reform, school team training only two were on the basketball court, but the day did not delay. CPPCC member, said Hu Wei, vice president of Shanghai UNESCO, the key issue is not the venue, teachers and other “hardware”, but the concept of the principal, the concept of parents, and willing to dare, will not put kick ball of space and time really gave the kids.

School football in warmer

Data show that in 2010 the city was only 1571 registered youth soccer players who participated in the city school football league is about 1,800 students. In other words, the city of 1.3 million schoolchildren, football is only one-thousandth of the population. So Wang and his colleagues are pleased that this year the situation is improving. In 2012, the city’s 239 primary and secondary schools and the county Board of Education, Sports Bureau spontaneous composition campus football league. 2013, Xuhui District, established a district-level school football league, more than 10 primary and secondary schools to join. Therefore, Wang obviously felt before the election of the world is a little bit open. Today, in addition to often early in the game at all levels in the medal, the high school team, football has become the Southeast High School sports development class and body forging lesson “first movement”, the largest number of electives.

However, Wang also admitted that echelon faults are prevalent in schools, and not just the plight of Southeast High School encountered. “The achievement” became lie in front of the school’s football tradition hurdle, there are school drop out to this end. Fortunately, Southeast High School and did not give the team leaders such pressure, the team for two years but had not found a good seedling, lean, in the city league group stage will be set back, the school’s attitude was “okay, come back next year “This lets the team down the security of the heart. “In high school I played football kicked closure still play, now think of it still exciting.” Peak, deputy director in charge of football to teach high school in Southeast Asia believe that the quality of football in shaping students’ perseverance and teamwork much more than medals.

Playing correct reading

Xi Jinping, general secretary pointed out that the reform properly handle the “first mile” and “last mile” of the relationship, Breakthrough “obstruction.” Think of “Chinese football reform plan,” This comprehensive deepening of reform by the Central Leading Group for the tenth meeting considered and adopted, with the introduction of 50 measures, the football into the campus of the “first mile” has been opened up, and to real implementation of the proposed scheme “to promote the popularity of the campus football”, “promoting a culture of learning soccer skills and common development,” and “the promotion of youth football talent scale growth”, in particular, to achieve the vision of the program depicted, the “last mile” has become have long way to go.

In a considerable number of parents and teachers seems to play well and read a good book is a natural contradiction. In this regard, Wang firmly opposed. Led a dozen years, he saw many students play after the change of character and behavior habits. High School football captain initially did not fit in a small flood, few words, in a meeting organized team activities, he became confident sunlight, doing things orderly. Middle School “Learning tyrants” Sally kept the top five academic grades, but also the main force of the avant-garde school football team, even to the third year, four times a week training is also a not fall, “high learning efficiency, strong self-management skills” is The teachers of his evaluation.

Nanyang junior high school football coach Wang Kai Zhang after 85, was in kindergarten phase started playing football coach, came from a sports school to the Sports Institute of semi-professional way. For the future of football on campus, he was quite confident. Today, in addition to secondary schools in Southeast Asia, he also used his spare time to teach a group of 4-10 year-olds play in a youth soccer club in the city. He was pleased to see that more and more parents want their children to “run a race, get some exercise,” to send their children to play. “Can not let the children feel Lianqiu bitter, very boring, let the child feel happy, to protect their nature, arouse their interest.”

Popularity of football bogey utilitarian

In Shanghai, the test is now testing in sports, football has been selected as the test project. Some netizens joked that if at the beginning of a small rise, in the exam, college entrance examination admission included football skills assessment scores, and the president is sure to make most parents send their children frantically rush to the football field, China certainly can be like a lot a lot won the gold medal in the International Olympiad discipline as cultivate a batch after batch of football experts. But the joke is always a joke, nor towards the ultimate sports-oriented education.

Wang Kai Zhang believes that youth football training center must abandon the utilitarian and “trophy doctrine” traditional “severely punish +” type of training methods must change. In younger children training, he learn from foreign experience in coaching and video data, the integration of basic training in the game. For example, the four corners of the goal in four venues to encourage young players to the ball four “treasure” in hunting, let every child enjoy it, also reached the amount of training.

Hu Wei said that although the scheme proposed to “strengthen football talented students with cultural teaching management, improve the examination and enrollment policy, encouraging students to actively participate in football long learning and training,” but football into the campus should not utilitarian. He said the reform plan through the development of football, the football into the campus by vigorously to raise the level of Chinese football, this is very important and necessary, but it must also recognize that young people love football, love football, more important is to promote the healthy development of their full, so as to achieve Tao said, “to liberate the child’s head, hands, feet, space and time, so that they get full freedom of life, get real education from a free life.

Real Madrid want to sell c Mr. Luo football world will be sold this summer?

Real Madrid president Florentino current relationship and C Ronaldo became subtle, Real Madrid president no longer trust the C Lo, he is considering the possibility of the first card players this summer to sell, and C Ronaldo Real Madrid president opinionated let them lose patience .

C Ronaldo is the FIFA World Player, Real Madrid is the pillar, it can be said in the rise and fall of the Department of Galacticos this season in the Portuguese star to play, however, the recent move of two C Ronaldo has completely let down, Mr. President. Message from the “confidential report”, said the Real Madrid 0: 4 after losing to Atletico Madrid, C Luo has organized huge birthday party, many Real Madrid players are invited to attend, at this party, C Luo also invited a lot of entertainers .

“Secrets” revealed that Real Madrid president and his aides for the Portuguese star approach is very unhappy, they think C Ronaldo move to Real Madrid fans hurt, but it is not respect for the Real Madrid club. Another Real Madrid President dissatisfaction thing is that in the Champions League after losing to Schalke, C Luo actually announced this season no interviews with the media, this unexpected behavior is very passive senior Real Madrid, Florentino very dissatisfied C Lo this way of doing things.

Spanish media also said Florentino C Ronaldo repeatedly complained privately to let the club into a passive approach, even the former position, “sick” can be seen, C Luo did let him know what to do.

“Confidential report” brings news that Florentino has lost confidence on the C Luo, which makes C Ronaldo to leave the Bernabeu this summer to become an option. If C Lo finally leave Real Madrid, then this is bound to lead to greater instability Galacticos, after Real Madrid CR7 in front of no one can replace.

Chinese New Year at home movement FIFA15 High turn over holidays


Immediately to the New Year, and I do not know the year-end awards were made how much? As the year relatively rare holiday, Spring Festival is not only the day the whole family, but also the day you relax. Whether you are already participating in the work of the staff, or students in the past winter, before the holiday configuration also save a good computer to play games are excellent.

EA Sports produced “FIFA15″, endorsement by Messi
Everyone likes different types of games are. Because I love sports, so the game is often played in the list of sports games and ultimately total. Autumn 2014, EA Sports’s famous soccer game FIFA launched the latest series as “FIFA15″. Compared to its predecessor, “FIFA15″ which gives players the biggest shock of course, the number of high-impact visual enjoyment, players such as clothing material, skin texture, lighting effects and action, etc., all thanks to the new EA Lgnite engine.

A strong performance in favor of affordable computer gamers swords, especially good display and a stable operating platform, and the graphics card and the motherboard with the use of performance was very good, especially this ASUS B85-PRO GAMER models developed specifically for the game board, to ensure that the game runs smooth and stable. Of course, you may also be based on the platform of their own game installed PC. With the game’s companions, I believe we will be very exciting New Year.

Win8.1 / Win10 / WP8.1 version of “FIFA 15 UT”: Player Updates


Modern version of the football game “FIFA 15 Ultimae Team (Ultimate team),” ushered in the update, this update of the list of new players, be adjusted according to the situation in January this year, the big European Union after the transfer window closed, in addition to this EA server connection stability apps were strengthened. Updates include Win8.1 / Win10 PC platform and WP8.1 and other mobile platforms.

“FIFA 15 UT (Ultimate Team)” includes more than 10,000 registered players and more than 500 support team. Not only that, but also includes more than 30 real alliances and sports venues. Players can follow their own wishes to build a real team.

If you are playing the game the fans, do not miss this updated “FIFA 15 UT”.

FIFA announced the 2022 World Cup period: Final held December 18

world cup

FIFA officially announced 2022 World Cup in Qatar will be held in the winter. World Cup will open play in November, the final date for December 18.

As early as after Qatar got the right to host the 2022 World Cup, there is about this World Cup has been held in the time of the controversy did not stop. Qatar is located in the Middle East, and summer temperatures of up to 50 degrees, so the climate is not suitable for a soccer tournament, even though Qatar aspects of the so-called the pitch air conditioning” and other programs, but apparently everything is not realistic.

Last month, when the World Cup in Qatar working group has been meeting in Doha, of course, the main contents of the meeting is to discuss the 2022 World Cup will be held in time to push the winter, most delegates agreed the results of this program. Specific time, the 2022 World Cup will be held for the first time in the history of the World Cup in winter, he will open in November, and in time for the end of time prior to the end of Christmas, December 18th is the final time this tournament, this also happens to have a week away from Christmas time.

Managers recommend cost players

ST: 10 Didier Drogba, Ibrahimovic series, Torres 06, Klose 06 Silver, 14 Costa (when not working when the Spirit)


0607 Ronaldinho, Rooney series, 14 Tevez +5,10 Fran Silver


Wj Ronaldo, Messi series, Bell, Hulk series, 06 Van Persie Silver, Torres series

DM / CM:

Gerald series, YY Toure, 06 Alonso, Matic


06 Ferdinand, within W shellfish, more than 06 Zaccardo +3, 10 Maicon, Alabama series, 10 Naldo Silver, 06 Alex, 10 Naldo

Goalkeepers: Manuel Neuer 14 series, 06 series Buffon, 14, right tights

Note: The players are personally recommend a cost-effective, the specific location of the players, rank, status, affect the normal functioning of player ability.

Formation, and in general the same tactics will not give up, because of the need to fine-tune. Different opponents are not the same.

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