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30000 Barcelona brutally heavy penalties UEFA European official issued a statement in protest

According to Spanish media, “the daily sports newspaper” message, UEFA Ethics and Disciplinary Committee announced that Barcelona fans in the Champions League final because of the use of Catalan local independent banner, Barcelona was fined 30,000 euros. Barcelona club after the punishment has responded to this, the club said they would question the punishment under the premise of respecting the rules.
In last year’s Champions League final, Barcelona fans at the Allianz Arena took a symbolic Catalan separatist flag. UEFA Ethics and Disciplinary Committee considers that this move has serious political orientation, in violation of the provisions of Article 16.2 of the UEFA Statutes, but consider this behavior from the Barca fans, rather than by the Barcelona club, so Europe foot United Ethics and Disciplinary Committee fined only Barcelona € 30,000 in penalties. But in the announcement, UEFA warned Barcelona, ​​said that if a similar situation continues, they will be punished.
According to previous media reports, Barca could face a fine of 5-7.5 million euros, and some bleachers of the new season’s first home game of the Champions League may also be closed. The only fined 30,000 euros in the Spanish media seems to belong to a lighter sentence. But according to the “Daily Sport newspaper,” the news, Barcelona for UEFA punishment is very dissatisfied, the team also issued an official statement: “The behavior of Barcelona fans have been very friendly, we will protect the rights of members, and It will be permitted under the rules of UEFA’s punishment question. “

Ramos urged Manchester United and Real Madrid confirmed that stupid horse broker break the team left

Local time on July 24, the newspaper cover content to Spanish media, “Marca” issued by so many fans shocked Manchester United to sign Ramos underhand, allowing water to break God with Real Madrid, the cover bearing the words, “United requirements Ramos announced the desire to leave the club. “The newspaper also said that for the unreasonable demands of Manchester United, Ramos refused to give immediately, even though he privately expressed willingness to leave the Galacticos, willing to listen to offers from Manchester United, but Ramos hope Real Madrid president Florentino Perez met before making a decision. According to previous news that Real Madrid after the end of the line to go to China to Australia, then club president Florentino will visit in China Ramos will meet with him.
In fact, on the future of Ramos, has been very clear, that is renewed to keep the team; water God had reason for tensions with Real Madrid, but is the skill of contract talks, Ramos required after-tax annual salary of 11 million euros Real Madrid president Florentino was rejected, but now took a dramatic turn toward renewal, we agreed in principle on the Galacticos Ramos salary requirements. Meanwhile, Real Madrid coach Rafael Benitez an interview before the state table, Ramos left team 100 percent, “Ramos is a key player in our team is our captain, I hope to be able beginning of the season to see him, he is very important to us. I am 100% sure next season he will continue to fight us together. I have great respect for Van Gaal, but Ramos will stay at Real Madrid. “Thus, Ramos the possibility of leaving Real Madrid to join Manchester United getting smaller and smaller.
At the same time, 100 percent confirm there Benzema left the team, even if Real Madrid coach Benitez he is not cold, the French striker’s agent confirmed Jaz was giving an interview, “Benzema at Real Madrid very happy, after this summer’s transfer window closed, he will continue to be a 1000% Real Madrid player Benzema in the summer did not seek to join other teams. “Before this, there was news that Benzema We will exceed 40 million euros of the price to join Arsenal. About Degea trading, as Manchester United, Real Madrid suffered multiple quotations are rejected, the Galacticos of this transfer has no hope, Navas and goalkeeper Casilla configuration can support Real Madrid coach Rafael Benitez on year.
Spanish media “ABC” news that summer to join Real Madrid Degea no hope, do not mean you should not continue to chase, still communicate with Manchester United. Earlier rumors that Manchester United to Real Madrid Ramos and Navas with two players exchanged Degea, this 2-for-1 program was immediately rejected Galacticos, after Real Madrid bid 90 million euros Ramos, while Deh Asia’s offer of 20 million euros. For the players exchanged, Spanish media “ABC” revealed that Real Madrid are interested in, but only as a bargaining chip Nanawasi Galacticos has issued an ultimatum to Manchester United, if unable to sign De Gea Navas as a bargaining chip, they will It will become a free agent next summer signing Degea.

Pedro close to joining Manchester United Red Devils exposure activate 2200 pounds of liquidated damages

In 2009, Barcelona has become an unprecedented six-time winner, the team is in the Barcelona star Pedro NRL harvest goals of all six races. Whether it is still alive Club World Cup final in the European Super Cup game, Pedro through his own goal to put Barca winner’s podium. Such a brilliant history, who would have thought, after the arrival of Suarez, MSN combination drastic, the former Barcelona genius could only sit on the bench. In order to keep his position in the Spanish national team, Pedro has been the idea of ​​leaving the team, but Manchester United in due course an olive branch. According to the latest British media reports, Pedro has been close to joining the Premiership giants Manchester United will directly trigger Pedro £ 22 million contract liquidated damages.
In the Primera Liga last season, Pedro 35 appearances for Barcelona, ​​scoring six goals and six assists contribution. 35 appearances, although looking at a lot of data, but in fact saber mostly off the bench, total playing time, but only 1544 minutes. Because the European Cup is about to start shooting next year, in order to ensure their place in the national team, Pedro hopes a move to a team of their own to ensure playing time, while Manchester United is the most favorite Pedro buyers.
Manchester United for the invitation, Pedro is very valued. After all, 28 years of age can be very difficult to Manchester United’s solicitation. According to reports, Pedro has been informed and his relationship’s best buddies, said he would very much like to join Manchester United. The Barcelona midfielder Busquets also confirms this: “We all want him to stay, but he needs more playing time, the team now there are too many good players, so for him it will be very difficult. As his friend suggested that I can give it is that the future of all to decide by himself. ”
The player himself has expressed the desire to want to join, not bad money, more generous nature of Manchester United. According to several British media reports, Manchester United have agreed to activate Pedro £ 22 million contract buyout clause. Pedro Van Gaal hopes Manchester United can attack the reinforcing wire. It is reported that Manchester United CEO Woodward will again go to the United States, the negotiations are likely to be in San Francisco. Previously, Pedro Enrique wants to go claiming £ 2200 must be activated liquidated damages, and for two consecutive years in the transfer market spenders Manchester United, £ 2200 and a mere mention. However, Pedro, the Manchester United as well as an unknown. You know, he was 28 years old, unable to adapt to Mary as if came after Manchester United, his next stop would then where?

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