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Manchester United real name of the knife and injured the exposure he or will become Kaka teammate


Manchester United striker Hernandez will have to be absent from his 4 week in the absence of an injury, which will affect his pre-season preparations, the Daily Mail reported. This is a very bad news for the little pea, which is not in favor of Van Gaal.
Hernandez was injured in Wednesday’s Game Gold Cup Mexico 0-0 draw with Honduras, after the detection results, Hernandez clavicle fracture and had to be hospitalized. Mexican Football Association has announced that Hernandez’s operation is successful, is expected he will miss four weeks time, Manchester United next week to start season before preparing for the Hernandez at such a critical moment injured will undoubtedly make his future into doubt.
In fact, Hernandez has not been the reuse of Van Gaal, last season, he was still on loan to Real Madrid, the effect of the galaxy, the small pea also served as a substitute. After the end of the season and he did not choose to buy Real Madrid, the little pea had to return to manchester. And now because of injuries, he is likely to be absent from Manchester United’s pre-season warm-up, which is not good news for the small Peas needed to prove.
News from Spain, “Aspen”, Hernandez’s agent and is currently in the United States city of Orlando team contact, it was Kaka played for the team, the city of Orlando may become Hernandez homes. Currently interested in his team also include Liverpool, Wolfsburg, Lazio and other teams.

Bayern 50000000 Di Maria Rummenigge interview for exposure Manchester giants


The Copa America is like a raging fire, Argentina and Chile in the final. “Angel Di Maria can be regarded as Argentina to advance to the finals of the greatest hero, semi finals scored two goals and dedicate a assists, such a performance can be described as a sweep before a season of haze, although Manchester United didn’t appreciate the taste of winning, but the angel can and Lionel Messi, Aguero together toward the South American continent, the highest honor attack.
Although far in Chile, but the angel of the transfer message is still continuing to ferment in europe. On Wednesday, “daily sports newspaper” reported Barcelona are interested in Mary’s message, said Barcelona club has with Mary and his agent has been in contact with, Barcelona are even willing to to pay extra for real 10 million euros “breach of contract payments” to sign the Argentine winger, because Real Madrid and Manchester United in the contract is called to join Barcelona “liquidated damages”. Just today, the “picture” broke the news that Bayern has to offer 50000000 euros to buy Di Maria.
The news broke the news of people is the chief correspondent of Bild Christian Falk. He is also Bayern team reporter, said his every move for Bayern Munich are very clear, overwhelmed him to the outside world broke the Bayern have to the Manchester United player DeMaria Cian open offensive, Bayern chairman Karl Heinz Rummenigge has and Woodward, CEO of Manchester United for the meeting.
Rummenigge made an offer of 50000000 euros to Woodward, hoping that the 27 year old Argentina winger back to allianz. The move can be said is Bayern in Ribery substitute seeking after according to the French media L’Equipe, because Ribery’s ankle problem frequently plagued him, Franck Ribery has considered the plan to retire, but Ribery’s agent denied the news. It is very interesting, honorary chairman of Munich Bayern Beckenbauer in an interview with the transfer of Bayern and Di Maria, he believes that Di Maria is difficult to replace Ribery.
For the deal, the biggest problem is that offer, whether can let Manchester United put Bayern issued 50 million euros to know last year but they spent 59.7 million pounds from Real Madrid in the array to poach Mary. Come to Old Trafford after, he a season at van Gaal played just 32 times, scored four goals, before he in real data far worse than. If the Argentine in Manchester still can not see a bright future, he will choose to leave.

David De Gea appeared in madrid! Western media said Real Madrid’s fastest this week to finalize


Between the de GEA’s transfer soap opera still continues, according to the daily mail, “Aspen” much home media broke the news, David de GEA and his girlfriend Eiur Bnnie was taken to Madrid Airport appeared around the two giants of Real Madrid and Manchester United, this is undoubtedly the rumors of his transfer and added a fire.
Although David de GEA himself refused Manchester United ‘s contract, Real Madrid are also very willing to will he incurred under the command, but due to the transfer fee have been unable to reach an agreement, so the deal delay can not be reached. In such a slightly sensitive moment, David De Gea appeared in Madrid to lead people to guess.
When asked why at this point back to Madrid, David de GEA told the Spanish newspaper “:” I just to leave, I was still on vacation, everything is going well. David De Gea at the airport and fans took pictures of the photo is also taken, it is reported that Real Madrid fans told David De Gea hope he can join real madrid.
“Aspen” yesterday’s news that Manchester United in de GEA’s asking price has reached a compromise, the Reds’ price from 46 million euro dropped to 35 million euros, which has and Real Madrid are willing to give the price is very close to the. “Aspen” and even optimistic that, perhaps you can close the deal in Real Madrid this week.
Spanish media reason to make such a judgment is because according to the plan, Manchester United next week to regroup to prepare for the new season, the team will fly to America for a pre-season tour. David De Gea’s vacation will be over this weekend, and he will have to return to Manchester United next week if he is not able to move. “Daily Mirror” previously revealed, David de GEA in last week is already and many Manchester United players and staff farewell, thus returning to Manchester United on David de GEA is undoubtedly very embarrassed.
“Marca” the news said that a short period of time to complete the transaction de GEA ready had previously been media reports David de GEA his house in Manchester, entrusted to the intermediary companies to sell, and “Marca” said now David de GEA has decided to extend a month of the contract, if the transaction is not completed, he will be in next week’s return to Manchester United reports.

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